Top 20 All-Time Favorite Filipino Dishes

Top 20 All-Time Favorite Filipino Dishes

Top 20 All-Time Favorite Filipino Dishes

Philippine cuisine may not be as popular as its neighboring countries can offer like Japan, China, Vietnam and Korea (to name a few) but Filipinos have more to serve on the table than just their popular dish Adobo.

Here is a random list of Top 20 Most Favorite Filipino Dishes. These entries were carefully selected based on their popularity in the Philippines. I made some research and surveys online to come-up with only 20 best Filipino viands.


1. ADOBO: Pork Adobo, Chicken Adobo, Mixed Pork & Chicken Adobo, Adobong Kangkong and Adobong Sitaw, are just a few varieties you can choose from if you want to cook Adobo.

chicken and pork adobo www.jeepneyrecipes.com

2. SINIGANG: Sinigang na Bangus (Milkfish), Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimp), Sinigang na Baka (Beef) would complete your meal but Sinigang naBaboy (Pork) is the most favorite one.

3. TINOLA: There are only two Tinolas i know, Tinolang Manok (Chicken) and Tinolang Isda (Fish). A soupy dish using chicken or fish stock plus vegetables like papaya or sayote, malunggay (horse radish tree) leaves, chili leaves and ginger.

4. MENUDO: A saucy tomato based dish with vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and bell peppers and of course its main ingredients could be pork meat for Pork Menudo and chicken meat for Chicken Menudo

pork menudo recipe www.jeepneyrecipes.com

5. KALDERETA: Another saucy type of viand, a tomato based dish but with a kick. This viand is popular for its being spicy. Beef Kaldereta is the most popular one followed by pork, chicken, goat and fish.

6. PAKBET/ PINAKBET: This viand originates from Ilocos region in Philippines. A healthy dish using fresh vegetables like squash, eggplants, string beans, tomatoes, bitter melon, okra and more. Flavored with sauteed bagnet (a popular deep fried pork in Ilocos) and shrimp paste.

pinakbet recipe www.jeepneyrecipes.com

7. CHOP SUEY: Also a healthy dish like Pakbet. Vegetables like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, sitsaro (pea), broccoli, bell peppers and baby corn are the main ingredients. Just add some chicken chunks and boiled quail eggs to complement the dish.

8. BICOL EXPRESS: Bicol what? yeah you read it right, Bicol Express. Its name derived from Bicol province Philippines. Bicol is known for this flaming hot crop, chili (aside from Mt. Mayon). For some reasons, bicolanos really love spicy foods from ginataan to adobo, they always put chili in every dish they make. Bicol Express is a coconut milk based dish with a barrage of kicks from chili.

9. LUMPIA SHANGHAI: A Filipino spring rolls made of ground pork, finely chopped carrots, minced garlic, onion and kinchay. Simply delicious!

10. BISTEK: A Tagalog term for "Bistec" which is a Spanish word for steak. Bistek Tagalog is the popular one, but you can also play around with this dish using milkfish or pork. But, the original one is with beef.
pork bistek tagalog www.jeepneyrecipes.com

11. TORTA: Tortang Talong or Tortang Itlog? They're both popular and favorite food of filipinos. Tortang Itlog for breakfast and Tortang Talong for lunch.

12. PORK DINUGUAN: Although not everyone in the Philippines eats this black and bloody dish (especially our Muslim brothers), still it made its way to the top 20 Most Favorite Filipino Viands. It's black thick soup with pork and sometimes with vegetables captures the taste buds of the many Filipinos in Luzon. Also a popular merienda (snacks) together with puto (steamed rice cake).
pork bistek tagalog www.jeepneyrecipes.com

13. NILAGA: Nilaga or simply means "boil" is a delicious soupy dish. A popular viand during rainy season in the Philippines. Nilagang Baka (Beef) and Nilagang Baboy (Pork) are the most popular ones.

14. LECHON: What is Fiesta or other special occasions look like without Lechong Baboy (Pork) or Lechong Manok (Chicken). Although these two are quite expensive especially the lechong baboy, they still belong on the top 20 list.

15. GINATAAN: A coconut milk-based dish. You can use any meat and any vegetables to make Ginataan. It could be spicy or sweet. As long as there is a presence of coconut milk, the dish or dessert can be called Ginataan.

16. LAING: A leafy and saucy dish. Sometimes spicy, sometimes sweet. With the help of a coconut milk, this dish belongs to this list.

17. GINISANG MONGGO: I don't know why, but it's already a part of Philippine tradition to serve Ginisang Monggo every Friday. A soupy dish made with mung beans and pork plus other leafy vegetables like malunggay and chili leave. Better to eat with fried fish especially galunggong (blue mackerel scad).
ginisang monggo with chicharon jeepney recipes

18. FRIED CHICKEN: I think it's a worldwide favorite dish or food, so I have nothing to explain at all.

19. PRITONG ISDA: Or Fried fish. Fried GG "Galunggong" (blue mackerel scad), Fried Tilapia ( a freshwater fish) and Fried Daing na Bangus (vinegar-marinated milkfish) are the most delicious and most affordable fried dish in the Philippines.

fried boneless bangus jeepney recipes

20. LONGGANISA: If you're on a tight budget, then longganisa is the best viand for you. Together with sunny-side-up egg and garlic rice or just plain rice, this dish will make you survive a day.
longsilog longganisa sinangag itlog

So there you go, the Top 20 All-Time Favorite Filipino Dishes in the Philippines. Go ahead and give it a try.

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